Welsh Conservatives Conference 2022

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Welsh Conservatives Conference 2022

We are delighted to be at the Welsh Conservatives Conference 2022. This page aims to give conference delegates an insight into our work.

We believe our economy and society should work differently, putting people and planet first

Since 1982, we’ve helped to strengthen and empower Welsh communities by supporting the growth of co-operatives and social enterprises, and by collaboratively delivering projects that provide skills and tackle exclusion.

Working with local stakeholders – including politicians, businesses, voluntary groups and communities – we are building a fairer society and greener economy in Wales and across the UK. Talk to us if you have an idea to address the persistent problems of poverty, economic inequality and climate change and would like our support.

Creating a fairer, greener economy – our work on social enterprises, co-operatives and employee-owned businesses

We create a fairer and greener economy by growing the number and scale of social enterprises, co-operatives and employee-owned businesses. These social and democratic business models currently only make up 3% of GDP in the UK, and their potential is not being realised to address the challenges our communities face to decarbonise the local economy, create good quality jobs and address inequality.

We deliver programmes providing business support to social enterprises, co-operatives and employee-owned businesses. We also publish influential research and white papers about the impact and potential of the sector.

Building a more equal society – our work on community ownership, digital inclusion, and housing

We provide support to communities that are being left behind to improve services and facilities in their local area. We help make society more equal by improving the skills of those that are excluded or at risk of being excluded.

We deliver programmes supporting co-operative and community-led housing, social care, digital inclusion and community asset transfer. We also influence the policy landscape in Wales, to ensure the most effective interventions possible are developed at all layers of Government to support local democracy and inclusion.

Making positive change happen – our work alongside public, private and third sector organisations

We deliver participative and engaging learning and development services for education and training institutions as well as the third sector. We boost digital skills, capacity and infrastructure within social business and third sector organisations. We also help organisations make positive change happen through expert advice and a range of consultancy services that build community wealth and the foundational economy.

We recognise that we can only achieve our missions and goals by working with others. Collaboration, partnership-working and coalition-building are central to our approach and service delivery.

We would be delighted to talk to delegates attending the Welsh Conservatives conference. Come and speak to us at our exhibition stand or get in touch:

By phone: 0300 111 5050

By email: info@cwmpas.coop

Through our social media channels:

Cwmpas (@Cwmpas_Coop) / Twitter

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