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Cwmpas is a co-operative. By becoming a member, you can show your commitment to co-operation and help drive forward the social business sector in Wales.

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Cwmpas is the UK’s largest co-operative development agency.

As a co-operative, we’re guided by an active community of members who shape our strategic direction, scrutinise our activities, increase our influence and ensure that we’re a voice for the social economy in Wales.

Why become a member?

Membership is for people and organisations who are passionate about co-operatives and co-operation and want to:

  • Make a difference by supporting co-operative activities in Wales
  • Share information about co-operative activities to help educate and inform the wider population
  • Play a full part in the work of Cwmpas and participate in its democratic processes
  • Use co-operative products and services wherever possible
  • Build co-operative partnerships with others which foster the sustainable development of local communities

What happens when I become a member?

  • You’ll receive regular updates about ways in which you can get involved in Cwmpas and the co-operative movement in Wales
  • You’ll have opportunities to connect to other co-operators
  • You’ll be consulted about our strategic direction, and have opportunities to influence our policy work
  • You’ll be invited to attend our AGM and have the opportunity to stand for election to the Board
When you become a member of Cwmpas...
You demonstrate your commitment to co-operative values and action. You are showing support for co-operative businesses which generate quality local jobs and return wealth to local communities. You are signing up to the creation of a stronger, fairer, more co-operative Wales. By becoming a member you will join a growing community of like-minded people and organisations from across Wales who believe that co-operative thinking and action can build a better future for everyone in Wales.
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How much does it cost?

How do I join?

Subscription is really easy using our secure Web Collect payment process. Your subscription includes a £1 share which is not withdraw-able or transferable and is taken out of your first year’s payment. Subscription is annually renewable.

Members must be aged 16 or over. In exceptional circumstances our Board may not approve membership, in which case your subscription will be refunded.

We believe that co-operatives and co-operative principles can help people, families, communities and businesses to be stronger and more confident. By becoming a member, you’re supporting these principles and helping spread these ideals.

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