Welsh language policy

Cwmpas is a values driven organisation. We recognise that a commitment to the Welsh language fits with our desire to be fair and reflects the importance we place on diversity.

Cwmpas has adopted the principle that in the conduct of its business in Wales it will treat the English and Welsh languages on the basis of equality.

Much of our funding is derived from public sources. Therefore we have a duty to make bilingual provision for the public in accordance with the guidance issued by our funders.

We feel strongly that bilingual services should be provided for the public in order to uphold the following principles:

  • that our clients and other stakeholders can express their opinions and convey their needs in their preferred language
  • the importance of providing services in the preferred language of the service user
  • that enabling clients and other stakeholders to use their preferred language is an important part of good practice
  • that denying them the right to use their preferred language could put members of the public at a disadvantage.