Increasing the social value of care

We want to bring more social value into the delivery of care, to create big benefits for users, their families and professional carers.

Increasing the social value of care

Social value refers to the positive impact that an organisation has on society and the people who live in it. It means doing things that help make the world a better place for everyone, rather than just focusing on making money. If social care services were designed with social value in mind, we could solve social or environmental problems, create jobs or opportunities, and make communities safer and healthier. It’s important to think about social value in social care because it helps us build a better world and make sure that everyone has the chance to thrive.

Our resources help people who commission social care services to maximise the social value that those services create.

1. Promoting social value in care services

2. Redesigning care services to increase social value

3. How to use ‘reserved contracts’ to support social value

4. Social enterprises and co-operatives delivering care home services

5. Presentations from the National meeting to shape the activities of refocused Section 16 forums on Wednesday 18th October, Llandrindod Wells