Business Consultancy Services

Our business consultancy team here at Cwmpas help businesses and organisations to drive positive change through innovation, digital transformation and social value.

Business Consultancy Services

Consultants for Positive Change

We are consultants for positive change and together we can build stronger, wealthier communities. Our business consultancy services focus upon keeping employment, procurement and opportunities local, so we can give those around us a leg-up.

We know organisations are starting to think differently about their social impact and we know you probably have ideas for positive change. Now it is time to make a difference and to be the difference. The way you operate and who you chose to work with and procure from can have a lasting positive impact upon local people and the opportunities they have access to. So, let’s make life better for everyone.

It is time. Let us show you the way.

How does Cwmpas make positive change happen? 

Collaborating with our clients

Our team works with local authorities, housing associations, universities, charities, social enterprises, and businesses in the private sector, helping them to think creatively and act smartly so they can embed the kind of positive values within their operations that bring sound and lasting social and economic benefits to the communities they serve.

Social value, digital transformation, learning and development, business strategy, engagement, evaluation, and research are some of the tools we use to deliver this positive change. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act is one of our key touchstones for the work we do, and, at its heart, the Act is about helping our valued communities in Wales thrive.

Let’s work smarter. Let’s work kinder. Let’s get this done.

Our business consultancy services

We support organisations and the third sector to evaluate, improve and implement digital change and to future proof their service delivery.

Working with social leaders and positive change makers, we deliver programmes, workshops, and Hackathons specifically to encourage engagement, innovation and solution orientated outcomes.

We help organisations to deliver additional benefits to a community. We help businesses identify social value within, connect their supply chain with social and local enterprises and assist with social value strategy implementation.

We support care commissioners and procurers to promote social value models of delivery.

Our team deliver post-funding/grant evaluation and provide an analysis of the outputs and outcomes against the objectives. Our aim is to uncover the value delivered by a funding and demonstrate the impact and findings.

We advise organisations to develop strong business ideas and plans, through ideation sessions, research, evaluation, and due diligence to generate an income.

Our team of advisers worked closely on procurement research and development, to advise government on policies for the benefit of community wealth building.

Cwmpas deliver contracts across Wales with the objective of impacting communities and making a difference to people’s lives.

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"Cwmpas has supported Wynne Construction to review and establish our social value vision. From a detailed engagement workshop with our senior leadership team, Cwmpas is now helping us shape our social value culture to go beyond our contractual obligations."