Consultancy services

Our consultancy team here at Cwmpas has developed a unique service to help organisations, in the public, private and third sector to maximise social impact.

Consultancy services

Innovation, digital transformation and social impact

With Covid-19 recovery at the heart of our clients’ strategies, we are helping businesses to innovate, transform service delivery and adapt new digital practice. Our experienced consultants take a holistic approach to providing leadership and business support, digital transformation, community wealth building and measuring social impact, to name a few. Transforming your business performance, collaborating, connecting and providing a smooth contract delivery is at the centre of our consultancy.

How can we help you?

  • Social value strategy

Identify and map social value and identify opportunities strategically and operationally within supply chains. Connecting foundational economy businesses and social enterprises.

  • Strategic COVID recovery

Including public service transformation, community wealth building, community asset transfer, engagement strategy facilitation, implementation and contract management.

  • Digital inclusion and transformation

Strategy development, transformation and implementation for the public and third sector.

  • Social enterprise leadership programme

Learning and development programmes for people and organisations enabling social change, through Social Enterprise Academy and Clore Social Leadership.

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Social Leaders Cymru

Applications for Social Leaders Cymru is open! Fully funded leadership and management programme has launched to assist recovery of the Third Sector and Social Sector in Wales.

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Social Enterprise Academy

Our leadership and development programmes are learning opportunities that give you space to develop, grow your ideas and build a network of support.

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