Social Business Wales – growth

If you’re running a social business, our team of experts can help you consolidate and grow for a stronger and more sustainable future.

Social Business Wales – growth

About us

We are a team of specialist business advisors with expertise in managing social enterprises. We’re part of the Social Business Wales programme which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through Welsh Government and delivered by Cwmpas. We’ve been advising social enterprises since 1982 and in that time have supported hundreds of new businesses.

Whether you want to steady the ship and re-evaluate areas of your core business, or you have exciting ideas to increase profits, diversify, expand, or collaborate, we’re here for you. Our support is fully funded which means that you get free guidance every step of the way.

Running a social business
The success or failure of your social business will depend on how effectively you run it. It is important that you have strong management structures in place for each of the different areas of the business. Those strong management structures are also an essential foundation for growth, enabling you to maximise your profits and increase your social and environmental impact.

How can we help?

We can facilitate a ‘visioning session’ with your team to make sure you have the same goals in mind and know how you want to reach them

We can help you develop and review your business plans

We can review and enhance your governance policies, help strengthen your board and give you legal structure advice, including how to set up a trading arm

We can help you financially analyse your business, offer tax and VAT advice and do a company valuation

We can help you develop a marketing plan, build your brand, and provide sales strategy and coaching

We can help you analyse your current policies and develop new relevant procedures, as well as support you with contracts of employment and TUPE guidance

We can help you analyse your social impact and help you to measure it in the future

We can support you to develop or improve a sustainable development strategy

We can support you to develop and implement consistent quality standards across your enterprise

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To find out more about our services, phone 0300 111 5050 or email,or complete an enquiry form

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Social Business Wales online toolkit

This site provides technical information for those of you considering starting up or operating a social business. Social businesses include social enterprises, co-operatives, mutuals and employee owned businesses. By using this information alongside support from our expert business advisors, you'll be on the path to social business success.

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Mapping the Social Business sector in Wales

The latest report into the Social Business Sector in Wales provides evidence of the sector’s responsiveness to the pandemic and the role it had in attempting to mitigate some of the harmful social and economic impacts.

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