CLH toolkit 04: Governance and funding

In this section we’ll consider the suitability of different legal structures for your group and explore sources of funding and finance.

CLH toolkit 04: Governance and funding

People, pounds and property

The three main considerations when choosing a legal structure for a CLH group are:

  • People: Who are the members? Who benefits? Who will get to vote? How will decisions be made? What say will partners and other stakeholders have?
  • Pounds: Where is the required finance coming from? Will the group be applying for grants?
  • Property: How will the property be owned? Will residents personally own property which can be sold to recoup the value if they move? Will a legal entity be set up to retain ownership?

It is also important to note that a legal structure should be chosen to fit what the group wants to achieve rather than shaping an organisation to fit a particular legal structure.

CLH toolkit 02: Context and concepts

In this section we'll go back to basics, looking at a definition of community-led housing and exploring the different models to choose from depending on your group's needs and vision.

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CLH toolkit 03: Getting started

In this section you'll learn about the earliest stages of setting up a community-led housing project, including defining your vision and engaging with key stakeholders.

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CLH toolkit 05: Development

In this section we'll explore the development process, from site identification through feasibility, planning and construction to completion and occupation.

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