Digital Confidence Denbighshire | Meet the trainers

25 January 2024

Digital Confidence Denbighshire funded through the Shared Prosperity Fund, aims to actively increase levels of digital inclusion in Denbighshire by offering them a suite of direct digital inclusion interventions, which will break down barriers hindering residents from engaging in employment and education. You can view the upcoming free events to get involved with as part of the programme on our Digital Confidence Denbighshire events webpage.

Read on to learn more about the trainers delivering these life-changing services across the county.

Ema Williams

Ema Williams

I work with members of the public and organisations within Denbighshire to help train and inspire service users to use digital, by offering basic digital skills training sessions and digital drop-in sessions. That includes helping people to create and use emails, all the way through to online safety and using digital to improve health & wellbeing. 

“I’ve been working for Cwmpas since 2020, previously as a Digital Inclusion and Skills Trainer for Digital Communities Wales, where I trained staff and volunteers on how to be more digitally confident to help others. Digital is such a big part of our lives now and it is here to stay.  

“I’ve seen first-hand how people can be left behind if they don’t have the confidence and skills to access it. I enjoy helping people see the benefit of using digital technology, and I love to see their confidence bloom with my support. 

“I want to inspire and empower people in Denbighshire to use the technology with confidence, so they don’t miss out on opportunities and services that can enrich their lives. I want to make sure that no-one is left behind in this increasingly digital world.”  

Ema Williams is our Training & Development Officer and is delivering the Digital Confidence Denbighshire project.

Nia Parry

Nia Parry


“I’m here to support people living in Denbighshire to gain confidence and skills in using technology and accessing the digital world. This can include support to set up a device, like an iPad, a mobile, laptop or computer, help navigate the way around it and learn different ways to use technology.  

“Before I joined Cwmpas, I was a primary school teacher across England and Wales. And I worked for a charity that supports young people.  

“I’m passionate about teaching new skills and encouraging people to have confidence in their learning so this project is crucial. Digital technology is part of my everyday life (I sometimes wonder what I would do without it!). Increasing digital inclusion here in Denbighshire will ensure that the community can access the benefits of being online. I’m hoping we can empower local people to venture into the digital world and feel confident in navigating that online world safely.” 

Nia Parry is one of our Digital Inclusion and Skills Trainers delivering the Digital Confidence Denbighshire project.

Shona Williams

Shona Williams


“I provide digital support for people with limited or no digital skills so it can be anything from running digital drop-in sessions, workshops and advice. We look at introductions to using a device (turning it on, connecting to Wi-Fi, using a  mouse etc), to how to use your device effectively to support health and wellbeing, search for jobs, manage money and much more!  

“I’ve always been passionate about understanding and helping people. I studied Psychology at University and then did a Masters in child health before embarking on a career as a primary school teacher and private tutor. This job really excites me as it allows me to work with people from all walks of life and support them using a person-centred approach.  

“I really enjoy using my teaching skillset in a different setting and seeing learners improve in skills and confidence. I recently worked with a widower who became teary with gratitude when she saw the places she grew up using Google Maps. And it’s great to have that impact. As society becomes increasingly digital, it’s important that everyone can get access online, should they need or want to. I hope we can support many more Denbighshire residents to be confident and included in the digital world.” 

Shona Williams is one of our Digital Inclusion and Skills Trainers delivering the Digital Confidence Denbighshire project.