CLH toolkit 01: Meet the team

In this section you’ll meet the Communities Creating Homes team and find out how we can help turn your dream into a reality.

CLH toolkit 01: Meet the team

Who are we and how can we help you?

The Communities Creating Homes team is the hub for community-led housing in Wales. We exist to support communities in Wales to deliver their own genuinely affordable, low-carbon homes. Watch this short video to find out how:

As the video shows, our work includes providing direct support to community groups who want to create their own community-led housing. We’ll work with you from the very beginning of the process, through to delivery of homes and beyond, helping communities expand.

No two ideas are the same and we will adapt and tailor what we do to meet your unique needs. We’re excited to work with anyone who is ready to think about housing differently.

We also work to help government and other key partners create a supportive environment for community groups seeking to deliver housing. This means working with Welsh Government, local authorities, housing associations and others to establish changes which make it easier for communities to create their own homes.

Community-led housing toolkit

This toolkit contains essential information and key resources to help you set up and run a successful community-led housing (CLH) project, from the initial stages of exploration right through to building and living in or stewarding the homes.

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CLH toolkit 02: Context and concepts

In this section we'll go back to basics, looking at a definition of community-led housing and exploring the different models to choose from depending on your group's needs and vision.

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CLH toolkit 03: Getting started

In this section you'll learn about the earliest stages of setting up a community-led housing project, including defining your vision and engaging with key stakeholders.

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