Transforming social care

A guide to better tendering

Transforming social care

The main focus of this guide is on how to promote Social Value Models of Delivery through the tendering processes.

It describes:
• The criteria that need to be scored
• The sort of questions to be asked
• The sort of answers to be rewarded
• The weighting that should be applied

This guide is aimed at commissioners, procurers and service providers to help them understand why and how the promotion of Social Value Models of Delivery in tendering might impact on their activities.

However, tendering is not the only way in which to promote Social Value Models of Delivery.

It may not even be the most important activity in which  commissioners and others should engage.

The development of social value models is a long-term strategic aspiration underpinned by Welsh well-being laws, and policies for a prosperous Foundational Economy.

It needs to be actioned not only in tenders, but before and after tendering, and even without the need for tendering. Perhaps the most important activity is to get everyone on board.

Everyone needs to understand what a Social Value Model of Delivery is, and why they are needed.

In simple terms; they are about delivering Great Social Care and Added Value: Achieving the best outcomes for people and communities in both the short-term and the long-term.