Taking the lead

Taking the lead

Who leads CLH projects?

Group-led development
  • Friends, neighbours, family members
  • Where a local community group initiates and champions the development
Existing community organisation-led development
  • Established community organisations, charities, churches, voluntary associations
  • Where an existing community organisation decides that it either wishes to develop homes for the first time or add to existing homes it owns or manages
Developer-led approach
  • Local authorities, housing associations, private developers
  • Where a developer decides to develop a community-led housing scheme, initiates the scheme and does what is necessary to make it happen, and then recruits founder members to forge into a community group that will take on ownership, management or stewardship of the scheme

Note: In all three types of development, community input and ownership of the project is key!

Steering group

A group that will steer the project throughout the development. It could be future residents, the wider community, or a mixture of both. Utilising the following engagement methods, a group of diverse members will be able to be formed to steer the project:

  • Word of mouth
  • Local authority and other registers
  • Media networks
  • Open days/events
  • Community networks