White Ribbon Day: Our Commitment to Changing the Story for Women and Girls

24 November 2023
The 25th of November is the Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls when globally we observe White Ribbon Day; a day dedicated to raising awareness of the prevalence of gender-based violence, and how men and boys are instrumental in eradicating it. This global initiative aims to empower women and girls to live their lives without the shadow of harassment, abuse, and violence.

Cwmpas gained our White Ribbon Accreditation in 2021, making the White Ribbon pledge to never use, excuse or remain silent about men’s violence against women and girls. White Ribbon’s vital work to end men’s violence against women and girls reflects our values, in particular the value of cooperation. We need to take responsibility and challenge attitudes that create inequality for women and girls in Wales, and across the globe. We’re proud to be a part of White Ribbons campaign for 2023 – Change the Story – and we pledge to play our part.

At Cwmpas we are dedicated to helping to make a Wales that puts people and planet first, an end to gender-based violence will get us closer to this goal. Having supported social enterprises like Thrive Women’s Aid and Physical Empowerment CIC, organisations that support women and girls who have experienced abuse and violence, it is clear to us at Cwmpas that social enterprise has the power to effect change for women and girls.

Thrive Women’s Aid are a charity that support survivors and victims of abuse, providing refuge to women, girls, and families in immediate danger, and supporting them to rebuild their lives free from fear and abuse. We worked closely with them to set up their trading arm, which provides a cleaning and catering service, and is continuing to grow, with profits making it possible for Thrive Women’s Aid to continue to provide their lifesaving services.

Physical Empowerment CIC offer emotional, physical & mental self-defence training, and are one of the very few organisations in the UK working with survivors of physical trauma, giving them the opportunity to get in touch with their own physicality and inner strength through physical training. Their work allows survivors to reintegrate into society and give people opportunities to be the best they can be. Their aim is to promote women and men working together to end violence and to create wider awareness of the use of self-defence as a trauma rehabilitation tool.

White Ribbon Day is a chance for us to come together and transform the narrative surrounding gender-based violence. It’s a call to action to challenge harmful stereotypes, promote healthy relationships, and foster respect and equality. At Cwmpas we are committed to changing the narrative by raising awareness and delivering training to enable and empower our staff, appointing volunteer ambassadors, such as myself, that have made the White Ribbon pledge, and organising fundraising activities to support White Ribbon’s vital work.

As a society, we must actively challenge the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate gender-based violence. Education, awareness, and open conversations are essential in changing the story for women and girls. We must stand up against all forms of harassment, abuse, and violence and work towards a future where everyone can live free from fear.

This White Ribbon Day, at Cwmpas we are renewing our commitment to helping to create a world where every woman and girl can live a life free from the shadow of violence and discrimination.


Together, all of us can make this vision a reality.

– Glenn Bowen, Cwmpas Director of Enterprise and White Ribbon Ambassador